ATTENTION! \\ 11 Dec, 2023

Hi, i am closing this domain and leaving my current hoster, i have been paying for hosting and domain from my personal money for many years. And the money just ran out.

The exact closing date is not yet known, but it will happen just about in half year.

I will make an offline version of this site as i already did before, and you can download it from nexusmods.

Sites that distributed link to this site, please replace link with new link to nexusmods.


Or link to github that will be published on nexusmods when the app is ready.

If possible, i will continue to update app, provided that someone gives me ID's of new items.

If anyone is interested how much i earned from ads on this site, i earned - ~$9 (Not including donate from Cripzore and liam.)

>> An example of how to add money: Game.AddToInventory("Items.money",200)

Perhaps not all items are here, if I missed something or found\appeared, as well as if there are duplicates or any errors, please write me the ItemID or click on the card - copy the link address and send it to my telegram.

In order to issue items you need a mod on the console: here

Yes, I was too lazy to cut the character, and yes, I know that it was not done very well. Sorry :)

Absolutely every picture was made in the game 2 times and partially cut using masks in Photoshop, I think I need a d0ct0r.